Research Associate

The company is offering a placement opportunity for suitably qualified and motivated students. They are looking to significantly expand online traffic to their niche web community sites. Reporting to the Managing Director, the roles have a mix of tasks and responsibilities all centred on building online traffic.
One of their main goals, however, is to build a Wikipedia-style online catalogue that is ultimately intended to include every toy and model ever produced.
The Company is using their own bespoke wiki software and requires that information be edited into a specific format for upload via spreadsheet. Information spreadsheets are submitted by volunteers from the site community, from manufacturers directly and created by ourselves and range in size from covering just one or two entries to thousands of items.
The role would suit someone with an interest in editing, sub-editing, data cataloguing or similar.

Responsibilities include:

* Sub-editing user-submitted spreadsheets for compliance with established conventions
* Where very large amounts of data need to be categorised, defining and optimising data categorisations for ease of use and amending user-submitted spreadsheets accordingly
* Creating category data spreadsheets from scratch
* Explaining the formatting requirements to users and assisting them with any queries or problems they encounter
* Assisting the marketing team with solicitation of volunteers from the collecting community for the provision of information
* Other editorial tasks around
* General Office Duties

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