Software Developer/Database Administrator

The successful candidate will be required to maintain the company's existing CRM system written in PHP with a complex MySQL database. Self motivation, development and problem solving skills are essential as you will be the technical expert within the organisation and will be expected to research and solve problems if/when they arise.

As a small business the job role would need to remain varied as opportunities arise but in the main would be to provide advice and expertise in any areas possible covering some or all of the following;

* Database design
* Web site design
* Search Engine Optimisation
* Network design
* General systems advice/design

Candidate should be highly competent in the design and development of online systems using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture.

This should include all aspects of the system including;

database design, database normalisation, interface design, server-side programming and client-side programming/mark-up.

These skills would be to complement existing skills within the organisation but also to attract fresh and radical approaches.

Hours of work: 9am – 5.30pm. Mon – Fri. (1 hour lunch break)

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