Production Engineer

This placement role is with a consultancy working principally with the UK National Health Service. They apply operations management and organisational development techniques to improve the quality of patient care and the efficiency of care services.

The role offers an excellent training ground for those wishing to become future operations directors, change management professionals, and mainstream consultants. The work is also a rich source of dissertation material and the Health Service is supportive of this type of endeavour.

* You will be part of a team working under a senior consultant.
* The core function is the collection and analysis of operational data (from IT systems and through personal observation) to create an accurate description of how the care service performs.
* This information is then used to identify opportunities and make the case for change and to shape solutions. Clinical and managerial staff are then coached as they implement their new design and put in place control measures to help them sustain the improvement.
* 80% of the work takes place at the client site which may be anywhere in the UK. The work will likely include hotel stays.
* Hours of work – this is not a 0900 to 1700 job. The team typically stays on site four days a week between 0800 and 1900 hours. Then spends the fifth day working on internal projects.
* If you demonstrate the right flair and experience the role may be extended to include client-facing consultancy i.e. engaging with executives and clinical staff to present your work and use it to help them design and implement effective solutions to operational issues.
* If you have good software development skills you will use your knowledge to build business process mapping, demand forecasting and capacity modelling tools.
* If you have a health outcomes analysis background, the role could be extended to include collation of clinical data to support redesign of healthcare models and the purchase of new care services.
* If you have a finance background and of the right seniority the role may include support for operations-led financial turnarounds.

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