General Administrator

This is an interesting opportunity to be involved with a real job of work across many aspects of the business. This is a young company offering a new and innovative outsourcing facility. Sharing an office with two directors in a serviced building, your principal responsibilities and duties will be:

* Develop an understanding of the workings of the Company
* Respond to customer enquiries and source their needs through the most cost effective/profitable balance solution provider
* Compile an instruction manual of the daily tasks for the benefit of the directors and the next student
* Take an overview of the sales and marketing function and define a strategy to develop new avenues into which we can take the company
* Prepare an action plan to implement the strategy.
* Website content development / house keeping
* Database management
* Identify opportunities for the sales team to develop
* Ad hoc administrative tasks
* Hours of work 08:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday

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